2002 yılından bu yana Profesyonel Fotoğrafçı olarak bir çok projede farklı markalar ile yer aldım.

Right, but... I think your employees would agree that you need to get your financial situation in control before you can help them. No I'm just saying that, though I really do, I understand the temptation to restart the business... maybe the universe is telling you that you need to pay what you owe. 

Ted this affects both of us. You need to use that money to pay your bill by the end of this month, which you promised the IRS in writing that you would do. It is, that simple. What does that mean. Does that mean yes? Because I really need a yes here, Ted. From whom exactly do you think you got that six-hundred thousand, Ted? Great Aunt Bergen? Yeah. 

I would greatly appreciate it if you would just, help me out here. Um, he's fine. No, absolutely not and I mean to keep it that way, so. Six-hundred and seventeen thousand dollars written out to me. Uh... what is this? Well, and why is that? It feels wrong. Uh huh. Well, um... Ted, the whole reason we're in this mess is because you had me cooking your books. So, when did wrong suddenly become a problem for you? 

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